Aug 21 2012

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Backpacking Trip

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On August 8th through the 11th, Shaun and I went on a three night backpacking trip to Eagles Nest Wilderness in White River National Forest. We got to the trailhead a little after noon on Wednesday, put on our packs and headed to our first campsite. I had a little over 30 lbs. on my back and walking up hills was difficult. Shaun had told me that it was 3.5 to 4 miles to the first campsite. So, I had it in my mind about how long it would take us, and tried to pace myself. Three miles later we arrived at the first lake, Lower Boulder Lake. We took a break and had a snack and then headed around the lake to camp on the other side. That part of the hike was the most difficult for me. I already had 3 miles on my legs, and was ready to be done. Hiking around the lake took a lot longer than I thought. Two miles longer!!  I was moving SLOW, and every time I saw an incline in the trail, I rolled my eyes. But, with a few more rests (which involved taking my pack off), we finally made it to our first campsite around 4:00. We set up camp and then took a nap!! Later we hunted around for some firewood, ate dinner, and then had a campfire. We turned in pretty early to get our rest so that we would be ready for the second part of the hike the next morning. It was a great night, not to cold, not to hot, and I slept pretty good. The next morning we packed everything up and hit the trail again to Upper Boulder Lake where we were going to spend the next two nights. The trail to Upper Boulder Lake is NOT maintained and difficult to follow. We had to climb over many fallen trees, and crawl under a few. Some of the climbs had me scrambling up using my hands and feet! The scenery was amazing, and well worth the difficult climbs. Did I tell you the trail was NOT maintained?? =) Well, with a few rests and picture breaks, we made it to Upper Boulder Lake, hiked around to the side of the lake, and made camp! I made it!! I was just a little bit proud of myself!! =) The rest of the day we gathered wood, relaxed, read, did some fishing, and ate. On Friday morning we hiked up above our campsite and Shaun showed me two more lakes. Amazing and Beautiful!! More difficult climbs and no marked  trails, but when you are hiking with nothing on your back you feel like you can fly. We had so much fun, and saw such beautiful scenery, my pictures don’t even do it justice. On Saturday we hiked all the way back to the car.  Eight miles in one day!! We were exhausted and sore, but thankful to be safe and thankful for the wonderful time we had together.

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  1. Sarahon 05 Sep 2012 at 8:38 pm 1

    looks likes you had a lot of fun

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