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Pictures from June – October, 2013

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I have not blogged for a long time. So, I decided to do a photo blog of the last 6+ months. Some events will have their own blog, but I didn’t want to make a separate post for everything . Enjoy!

June, 2013 – Happy Father’s Day


June, 2013 – Camping with the Roger family is always an adventure, 7 kids and 4 adults, but what can be better than having the great outdoors as your playground.

IMG_0129 IMG_0130


Summer fun with friends, Belleview Park train ride and petting zoo.


Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom! We took her to an afternoon tea.


4th of July 5K race and kiddy race.


Tea at my house with some fabulous ladies. We had so much fun!


July 27, 2013 – Buffalo Bill Days in Golden, Colorado.


August 3, 2013 – 5K Color Run with friends in Denver.


August – Papa & Mimi’s visit/kitchen floor redo


August – Family vacation to Tin Cup, CO. This place is somewhat of a ghost town.  People only live there in the summer. The only place to eat in town is Frenchy’s Cafe.  Shaun’s Uncle Dennis works at the restaurant during the summer and asked us to come visit him.  The owner of the restaurant kindly gave us a place to stay while we were visiting.  Most of the traffic in town are 4-wheelers headed for a day in the mountains. There are no traffic lights and the roads are dirt. It was a neat place to visit filled with Colorado history.


August 19, 2013 – First day of School! Naomi 2nd grade and Esther K-5.


Fall in Colorado!


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